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Summer Fun in New England

My main squeeze!

My main squeeze!

Where did the summer go? Temps in New England have dropped from 83 to 55 in the matter of days and brrrrrrrrrrrr, it’s cold.  It’s true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun, and I had lots and lots of fun this summer. How was yours? Busy with the kids? Having fun with friends? I did a lot of weekend get-aways and day trips, ate a lot of lobster and had my fair share of wine.

Oh, and spent a bit of time with this guy to the left: Louie, my American Bulldog/part something – we don’t know what. There have been guesses that he’s part pit bull, maybe sharpei, perhaps a boxer? All of the above? Who knows, but damn, he’s cute! I call him my man-magnet. The fellas love him.

IMG_0184Louie and I started the summer at my friend’s family home down in Humarock Beach. Each July 3rd, there are bonfires on the beach, fireworks, and lots and lots of food and drink. I hadn’t been in several years and was thrilled to be able to spend time at the beach with old friends.

summer - 3Across the street from my friend’s Humarock house is some type of bay or inlet where Louie and I planned to go for a nice walk before dinner, and at the same time a little boy went missing. He was only 8, and had wandered off from his brothers. I listened to the father scream at the older brother, ‘how could you leave him’ & ‘why weren’t you watching him’.  As terrible I felt for the father, I felt even worse for the 12 year old brother deemed ‘responsible’ enough to keep his eyes on his brother, surrounded on two sides by water and on a super busy holiday. Imagine how awful he would feel if his brother didn’t show up? Ugh. Thankfully, he was found by police several houses down, so happy ending but there’s a reason for me telling you this, so bear with me.summer-5

Relieved that the boy was found, I continued to walk through the marsh when all of a sudden a grown man comes running towards me, frantically screaming – ‘HAVE YOU SEEN A LITTLE BOY’, ‘OMG, HE’S GONE’, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD’. I quickly said he was found, but he didn’t believe me and continued to panic. I pointed towards the house and said if that’s the house, the police were on the way with the boy.  He summmer - 4then broke down crying from relief…and said. ‘Omg, I love you’. I told him that I didn’t help, was just observing and he said, ‘I don’t care, I love you. Can I have a hug?’ A hug? Erm. Um. Okay?!? So there I stood in the middle of a marsh, without a person in sight, hugging a sweaty, sobbing, grown man and praying I got out alive. After a few awkward moments, he released me from his bear hug, and told me to have a nice day. This is the kind of stuff that happens to me…always. It was really quite sweet…and odd, and as my friends said, perhaps stupid of me, but if I had it to do over again, I’d still hug the salty, sweaty marsh man. summer - 4

Next adventure was a trip to the ball park. It’s not a summer in New England without a visit to see the sox play at Fenway, right? Could I tell you who won? No. Could I tell you who played? Nope. Well, the Red Sox. I know that part, but don’t know who the opponent was. But I drank beer, sang ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ate a hot dog, mustard only, of summer - 5course, and that’s a good night in my book.

Of course, there were visits to Cape Cod. Can’t live in New England and not go to the Cape. If you like seafood, it’s the place to be. Is it obnoxious of me to say I overdosed on lobster, scallops, shrimp and clams this summer? You think? Oh well, it’s true so I’m saying it. Oh, and forgot to include clam chowder on that list. I am new to it, and can’t believe it took me over 40 years to try it. What have I been missummer1sing all of my life? Good grief! The bowl pictured was from Rum Runners Bar & Grill in Dennis, and wowwwww, so tasty. Loaded with clams, and lots of bacon. Yummy in ma tummy. And speaking of Rum Runners in Dennis, that place is fun with a capital F. We psummer - 7artied like it was 1999 that night…which seemed to be a theme this summer.

It really was a great one, filled with family, weddings, Cape Cod, Maine, friends…what more could a girl ask for?