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Looking Back – 2011

Well, this has been an interesting year, my friends. When I started to think about what to write, I thought….hmmmm, been kind of a slow year on the bike, for a number of reasons. Broken ankle, old man being relocated across the country…ya know, the usual stuff.

Then I got to thinking and realized, though I may not have been on the back of the bike as much as I’d’ve liked…I certainly had my share of fun.

Starting with the winter bike shows…Kev-Marv produces the NorthEast Motorcycle Expositions in CT, MA, RI and NH.


Began 2011 at their first show in Rhode Island.

This was my first bike show and didn’t know what to expect.  Bikes, band, beers….and midget wrestling? (PSA I prefer ‘little people’, but this is their deal…no letters, pls 😉
And lots of cool displays…

Our next stop was the Springfield Motorcycle Show…much bigger and a bit cooler with the Dead Girls, Dinah Deville and the Boys from OCC….

And the bikes of course.
And that’s about all that happened in the cold winter months, shows were over and nothing going on so we headed south to our cabin in the Georgia Mountains…and shot some guns…you can do that in Georgia…anywhere you please. Including off the deck of your house. We ain’t in Massachusetts anymore, Toto!
Kind of a wimpy hold, isn’t it? Learnin’…
And then this happened…and we had to hibernate for a little bit.
Our ‘Special Stick’ for sad occasions
  Can’t win ’em all, so dried our tears and headed to Vegas.

Had some fun on the strip….

 And off…some of the best places can be found away from the crowds. Vegas truly is…

Let’s keep this place quiet…not for your average tourist.
Double Down Saloon cheapest drinks in Vegas…
Dinner and drinks

Rented the last bike in Vegas to cruise to parts unknown

Found ourselves in Valley of Fire…only about a 45 minute ride from the strip, and like another planet. Refreshing change from the city crowds…

Home from Vegas and it was time to get the bike blessed…
Broken Chains Biker Church performed the blessing.
 Needed some girl time so took off for Gatlinburg, TN with my partner in crime. It just so happened to coincide with the Smokey Mountain BikeFest…
Apparently everyone left early because of rain, so not much going on…we were kinda bummed

But dried our sorrows on some Hillbilly Hammers at Hawggs n Honeys…
HillBilly Hammers supposed to hit you over the head…
Gatlinburg is very biker friendly…downtown Pigeon Forge Harley Dealer is minutes away
Plenty of cool bars, but this one closed at 9pm and only served beer and wine. Kind of a stretch calling it a biker bar, but still pretty sweet inside. 
Met some riders from home in this Biker Bar at the beginning of the Smokies…
 And you certainly don’t see this everywhere you go…I tried a bunch…I think I saw God.
And then my last night in Gatlinburg…Cinco de Mayo Celebration.  Aye Caramba!

The beginning of the end. I will just say this…margaritas (several) + karaoke + group of gay men = broken ankle.  Yup, snapped my fibula? right in half. Ouch…still pains me to think of it.  So, was sidelined for a bit but got the cast off the day that Laconia Bike Week started.  Asked the doc if it was okay to get on/off the back of a bike. ‘Well, that’s a new one, not really sure…see how it goes.’ So…that’s a yes….

This is a secret that the old man doesn’t want anyone to know about so, shhhh…please don’t tell. We trailer-ed the bike from Mass to NH! SHHHHH!!! I know…his riding privileges should be revoked. But really couldn’t chance it with my heeling ankle. On the way up, we passed many bikers taking cover under overpasses because the rain was so heavy. I don’t know about him, but I was silently thanking my ankle for a warm ride in a pickup.

Weather was awful and I wanted to curl up in bed but tried to be a good sport. Headed to Looney Bin to meet some friends and have a few drinks….until ankle was the size of a football and had to head back…through sleet and freezing rain. Good times….

We ended up at the Wolfeboro Inn. This is what happens when you bring the old lady along to bike week…instead of cramming 5 guys into a small hotel room, you end up at an Inn.

I didn’t hear any complaints though while it was raining outside and we were in a nice, cozy tavern drinking beer by a fire.

So, this is kinda even worse than trailering to Bike Week. I couldn’t walk on the ankle but didn’t want to miss out on the fun so I had the old man drive his pick-up truck to the Weirs. I know…awful. The things you men do for ‘love’. I know it pained him but don’t feel too bad…he took off again midweek with the guys and had plenty of fun…as the pictures I just found can attest.  Someone’s got some ‘splaining to do….


Anyway, spent the day at the Weirs..always a good time.

Came home to news that the old man would be temporarily moving to Utah for work? Say what????

Well, ya gotta do, what ya gotta do….so the next half of 2011 was spent exploring the Midwest. Trips to Utah, Sturgis, Jackson Hole, and Colorado. Part 2 of ‘Looking Back’…stay tuned!

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