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Cruising Around Rhode Island

Well, if you’ve learned anything about me reading this blog, it is probably that I like dive bars. The scarier the better – cheap drinks, fun people and a certain ambiance that I find exciting. Livin’ on the edge. It’s how I roll. Sorta.

Anyway, out for a Sunday ride and we found ourselves in Rhode Island…Woonsocket area to be exact. As we’re winding down some of the roads, I’m thinking, eek, I may have finally met my match…a bar I am afraid of.

Pulled up to Charley’s Place, on 1st Ave,  and saw children playing across the street on swingsets and mom’s pushing strollers. How bad can it be?

And look, they have ice cold beer…the sign says so. What the hell, let’s do it.
It’s very small inside and filled with regulars.  All heads turned to see the strangers walking in…not a warm welcome, at all. Bit awkward actually. But when they figured out we were not undercover agents, and actually kinda/sorta fun, everyone relaxed, including me.
Drinks are cheap…and strong. Bacardi and diet was served with a splash of diet. Wowzers. Bartender made some popcorn for us. Food is pretty limited, I think. Looked like microwave stuff but the bartender mentioned they have free crockpot food on Sundays, I think. Had a couple drinks, shot some pool, and met some nice people.

If you’re on the run or in the dog house, no one will tell…

Charley’s Place in Woonsocket, though not for everyone, is a fun dive bar. We enjoyed it so much, we went back the next weekend.

Less then about a mile away from Charley’s Place is Luc’s Bar and Grill. Used to be JJ’s. The property has been completely renovated and is very nice inside. They have on-street parking and a lot across the street. Only stopped for a quick one so don’t have many pics, but we will definitely be going back and will have more to share.

Luc’s is open at 7am daily, noon on Sunday. I think they serve breakfast and lunch.  We arrived when a breakfast was finishing up, but the kind bartender said she will continue to serve food until everyone is stuffed and happy. You should definitely check them out.

On the same street is a bar called ‘Our Pad’ which we were advised not to go to. Sounds to me like a challenge. Going to add it as a stop the next time around. But instead of heading there, we went over to Walker’s in Blackstone, which is only a few miles away on Lloyd Street.

Walker’s is right off 126, behind a Post Office. Free pool, cheap drinks, large paved parking lot, and some fun regulars.  Some jerks too who like to brag about how ‘rich’ they are…get over yourself, douche. Not impressed. But I digress…

This is a nice area to ride in..the Blackstone River flows throughout and there are some nice scenic places to stop and several biker-friendly watering holes.


  1. Let me know when you’re heading to that “Our Pad” place. I’m always up for a challenge!

  2. You guys’ll be the first to know 😉

  3. I need to write a post about the dive bar down from my house…small town psycho feel. Love your posts! can’t wait to hear about the bar you shouldn’t go to! 🙂

  4. Thanks, Jess! Dive bar with small town psycho feel sounds like my kinda place!