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‘Gnarly’ Find in Flagler, Florida

Located in Flagler, between Daytona and St.Augustine, is a totally bitchin’ beach ‘shack’ called High Tides Snack Jack.

We have passed this joint many times and finally decided to give it a try.  Pulling in on a bike is a bit ominous…cars flying down A1A…and the lot is packed sand so have to take it a bit slow.

I think people in the area are used to bikes though, so no problems, just a heads up.

For those not on bikes, there is valet parking, which is required, and an attendant sits outside watching over things. The lot is not big so he has to shuffle around a bit. Not sure during busier times how this works for bikes, but it was fine the day that we visited.

Inside, the decor is reminiscent of an old Surfer’s Shack on the California coast.  Boards, weathered signs and old memorabilia line every inch of the place and help create the beachy environment.

Don’t let the decor fool you, bikers. It’s not all boardshorts and bleached hair. A large mix of clientel with several bikers.  We felt welcomed and not out of place.

Outside, there are several picnic tables that are covered and wait service is provided.  I understand that people can bring their dogs and sit out here. Quite a unique perk, I think, not sure of too many places that allow pets.  Dining with dogs not your thing? Plenty of room inside.

Food was inexpensive and good. In hubby’s usual fashion, he got the wings.  Sidenote here:  I have been told that to be taken seriously in a biker’s world, I have to start calling the hubster my ‘old man’….well, I’ve tried…not me, sorry. It is SO outside my comfort zone, I can’t even begin to explain! Who knows why…need a couch session for that one. Anyway, for future reference, when I say hubby, hubster, ahole(no!)…I am referring to my ‘old man’. K?

And this little tasty treat below was mine…buffalo shrimp. Oh, it was yummy and spicy.  That’s not my beer though, stole it to make me look classy…was actually drinking a budlight.

 Pic is a bit dark but you can see that they are literally ‘on the water’. We were there during high tide and the waves are very close to building. No ankle busters the day we were there…waves were HUGE…for Florida, anyway.

 We really like this place and plan to make a point to visit on our next trip to Daytona area. Maybe we’ll see ya there. Cowabunga, dude!
High Tides @ Snack Jack
2805 S. OCeanshore Blvd (A1A)
Flagler Beach, FL