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Doin’ Daytona During Off Season

Recently spent a week in the Southeast and one of our stops was Daytona Beach. During the spring months the area is known mostly as home to Spring Breakers and Motor Enthusiasts, and certainly lives up to its reputation as party city. However, a visit during low-season, September – January can be a nice surprise.

For us Northerners, the obvious draw is the warm weather and longer days as we head towards another long winter. Winter….ugh…but even if weather is not a concern, consider a visit to DAB to revisit all that you may have missed during Bike or Nascar events.  No lines, no cover charges, uncrowded beaches and room at the bar. Might even get a front row seat at your favorite hangout, like we did at one of our preferred watering holes on A1A.

Now, if you’re looking for excitement…probably not the place to go.  Take a look in the background here…walkers, lime green suits and hearing aids are more the norm round these parts during off-season

Which could be why these lil guys seemed to be everywhere we went…I’m just sayin’

The smaller crowds and warm weather bring out the locals, who I think, hide each year from Feb – May.  Water is still warm enough for surfers, we saw several…further north towards Flagler.  Huge waves…we also saw a few brave souls in bathing suits, body surfing…seemed a little too chilly for this Northerner though…must’ve been Canadians. Eh?

So we took advantage of the warm, sunny weather and ventured to some favorite bike week hangouts…interesting to see them for one, during the day time and two, completely empty.

Inside the Iron Horse Saloon on a Friday afternoon…normally can’t even see the floor in this place…bartender was tres’ rude so we carried on. Not sure what her problem was…I did have fun reading the bathroom stalls though, since there was no line I was able to take my time…old man almost came in after me to see if I was okay. I actually took a few pics of quotes that I liked…one from Michelangelo…who knew you could draw such inspiration from a bathroom stall??

Cruised on over to Main Street and was able to park on street!  Now, last time we went, we had to park in a lot several blocks aways…granted, I was in my Uncle’s minivan, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Full Moon Saloon on Main Street was open, we could hear music from the street. Ventured over and no one, not even bartender was inside…hmmm…was a bit freaky so we moved on to Froggy’s, which never disappoints.

Always a good time at Froggy’s…had a couple of beers and said good-bye to the strip ’til March…

Streets were empty, bars were too but we were able to check out most of the establishments that have ’em packed in like sardines during bike week. Oh, and have no fear men…we saw boobs…apparently not reserved for bike weeks only…bar and more info to follow…stay tuned.