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Sippin on Gin ‘n Juice


That’s how I roll, just like Snoop Dogg, minus the weed…and switch the gin to pina and the juice to colada and  there you have it. My vacation in a nutshell.

Never been a big fan of piña coladas, maybe on a cruise because it seemed like the right drink sailin across the Caribbean on the high seas, but typically I like something other than a fruity concoction loaded with sugar and calories. I prefer my sugar and calories in the form of cake.  However, I had just traveled from the arctic NorthEast, all my friends were buried under three-four feet of snow, and a pina colada seemed like the right thing to do. So that’s what I did. Texted pics of my fruity frozen drink, topped with a pretty red cherry to all of my friends at home battling with snow.  I’m mean like that.

So trying to figure out how I gained a couple pounds on a nice relaxing vacation is really quite simple. Sloth-like behavior + calorie laden drinks + dessert =  oh my!

But looking at the pics below, it was worth every dang calorie.  Life is short, drink the colada!