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Who’s at Daytona this week?

Did you make it down to FLA? Probably not, if
you’re reading this. Neither did I. Boo. But I have enough pics and visits to put together one fantastic pretend-like-we-are-there trip. So, grab a beer and let’s hit the hot spots.

First up, let’s head to Main Street, it’s where all the action is. Sidewalks are crowded with spectators anxious to see the custom bikes and choppers rolling by. It is probably one of the loudest, craziest parades in the country. It’s leather, pipes, bikinis and sunscreen all rolled in to one big party. The reason I go? The people. But I realize many like the bikes…

 There’s choppers

And trikes

And even some 4-wheelers. (This guy looked so much cooler driving down the street than I did in my uncle’s mini-van. Not on purpose of course, took a wrong turn…ended up on the main drag. Drive of shame, honestly.)

Lots going on out on the street and sidewalks but some of the best parties are inside the bars. Let’s do some bar-hopping, shall we? First up, Froggy’s. It’s where the ladies are. Have to head out back for the real action.

All sorts of shenanigans goin’ on back there…dancers, poles, platforms. You get the idea.

Further down, Main Street meets Mardi Gras at Wise Guys. Perhaps earn some beads from the spectators above? NO, not me! Not that type of girl, but there are plenty that are (not that there is anything wrong with that) so front row on the balcony is a popular place to be.

Also on Main Street is the Boot Hill Saloon. A fave among bikers, it’s known for its ice cold beers, beautiful bartenders, peanut shells on the floor and motorcycle memorabilia. 

Grab a beer, listen to some tunes and feel free to leave your bra or underwear…whatever your pleasure.

Need a part or a tshirt while on Main Street? There is a Daytona Harley Davidson – Main Street is right in the center of it all. 

So, we’ve seen the highlights on Main Street, but there is a lot more going on in Daytona/Ormond area. Let’s hop back on the bike, surfing the internet and drinking is okay, and head on over to A1A for some more action.
Broken Spoke Daytona is the leader of the pack..err, bars…on A1A. Vendors, burnout pits, hot bartenders and the ‘Wall of Death’ stunt rider are only a partial list of the excitement you will find at the Broken Spoke.

There’s things in trees…watch for falling objects

Plenty of bars…a guy must have made this sign, I thought it said ‘Litter Bar’. Had no idea what that was. Thought it was a recycle bin.

Directly across the street is the Iron Horse Saloon. Bartender was a bitch the last time I was there so that’s all I have to say about that. Go at your own risk…or don’t be a sensitive chick like me. You’ll do fine.

 Out back there is a burn-out pit (or a wheely-spinny thing as I once called it…I’ve come a long way) and live bands, even an old school bus turned in to a bar.

Further down the road is Kick Start Saloon – a bright orange building, stands alone amongst all madness on A1A.

Cheap beer, pool tables, and bartenders that flash as you walk in the door…southern hospitality at its finest. Pretty colored t-shirts too. 

Destination Daytona – I don’t know, I found it a tad boring. This WAS during bike week. Few bands, coupla stragglers. I hear its a fun place to be…went twice and everything was closed down around 9pm.

Bars, vendors, music, shopping, lots to do at Destination Daytona…just time it better than we did.

I don’t know about you, but my party tends to poop out a bit and I love me some quiet time. Riding the Loop is just what the doc ordered. Palm-trees, nature, wind, only noise you can hear is the rumbling of the bikes…peaceful

Professional photographers are in several spots to snap you riding the Loop, and there are also plenty of great photo ops for us amateurs.

Looking to put in some more miles? Cruise north on A1A…along the ocean to Flagler Beach for a few good  biker friendly bars . High Tides Snack Jack is a fave. Good view, even better views. As beachy as a bar can get.

Sitting up on the deck above the Golden Lion, watching the bikers drive by and the waves roll in is my idea of party. Woo-hoo!  I just say that cuz my husband hates when women ‘Woo-hoo’. But we all do, its in our genes. Can I get a Woo-hoo?  Anyone?

And its not a trip to Daytona for me unless I stop at the infamous Daytona Flea Market. Drink beer, eat fried dough, buy some bike parts, some fake pocketbooks…it’s all there in all of its cheesy-wonder. I have been buying crap there for years. Love it.

It’s open weekends all year but during Bike Week, there is a swap meet, live music, bike shows and a crazy cast of characters

And I will leave you with a quote from the current media darling, Charlie Sheen….’Duh!’ Profound, I know. Certainly can’t leave Daytona without checking out the speedway. All kinds of activities going on during bike week.

Oh wait, don’t go! There’s more…the boardwalk! Video arcades, go-carts, bungee-jumping and driving on the beach…SO much to do in Daytona…need more than one week to fit it all in. Thankfully, there is Biketoberfest….hon, you listening?

So the sun sets on another great week – well, not yet…but a few more days. Hope those who went had a great time and make it home safely. And for those who were not able to go but joined me on this cyber-trip, hope you enjoyed. It was fun!


  1. Anonymous

    I met a guy at a place called I stoned they sold tshirts on main street during 2010 bikefest, I cant get a hold of him. Cant find the number>> it was somewhat close to froggies, hit me up if any ideas… he was helping a friend out at his store and he was from Lawrenceville GA

  2. Hey there, sorry not familiar with this person, did some googling and can’t find anything. Probably going down for Octoberfest will be happy to look around for you 🙂