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Bring on the New Year!

Been putting off the first post of the New Year because I was looking for the proper way to nicely say F*ck Off 2012 and Welcome 2013, but words have escaped me, for once in my life, and I can’t come up with much else. So, there it is..F*ck off 2012. And away we go…

Happy New Year, my friends! Hope 2012 was better for you than it was for me. If not, or even if it was, join me in making 2013 our bitch. Bring it on!

So what’s new? What are you looking forward to this year? I am really looking forward to going back to Harley Rendevous, in Pattersonville, NY.
Last year was my first time, I had a blast. First timers at the ‘Vous are labeled Vou’gins. I had to wear penises on my head for a while, but this is only part of the secret ritual performed upon newbies at Rendezvous. I’d tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you.
Went with a great group of people, including these knuckleheads on the left. Mr. Green may have been using a prosthetic on this day. I don’t know personally, just guessin.

This year is the ‘Vous 35th Anniversary. It begins on June 21st and runs through the 23rd.  Best tip I can give is to rent your own porta potty. No idea how to do it or what’s involved but I know the fellas I went with handled things nicely and I only had to pay three bucks for a Women’s Only clean johhny. I’da gladly paid more, but shhhhhh..don’t tell em.  Another thing I wish I had brought were some walkie-talkies. Cell reception stinks. The place is huge and after a few cocktails, wandering off alone, some people may just find themselves in a huge field alone at midnight, walking in circles through campsites of horny men.

Small museum onsite at the Harley Rendezvous

The same month and only two weeks before Rendezvous, Laconia Bike Week will be celebrating its 90th Anniversary. Two big anniversaries in one month…going to put an order in for an extra liver right now.

More than anything I am looking forward to this..
You know what that is? Besides a bad picture? That’s my Motorcycle Permit that I just received on my birthday. Passed on first try, guy next to me flunked…neener neener. Anyway, I plan on taking the course and getting my license this summer..also have lots of events that I plan to attend. Going to be a good one!


  1. Happy new year to you too! That ‘Vous sure sounds like a blast, I love rallies like that – middle of March I’m off to the Buffalo Rally, one of the big ones here in SA. I’ve been to many of them, my first was in 1983 so I’m keen to get the badge for 30 years on, well done on the permit!

  2. Happy New Year! It looks like some of us have been away for awhile, but let’s not dwell on that! We’re back!!! That’s what’s important! Congrats on your permit! Looking forward to many great blog posts from you!!

  3. “You’re welcome” for making things run so smoothly at the ‘Vous. 🙂 Now what’s this about bein’ willing to pay more than $3 for a clean porta? Careful whatcha wish for… 😀 We had a blast, and we’re gonna do it all over again this year!!