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Well, Hi!

Have lots to tell you about and am working on a few new posts. Here’s a lil taste of what I’ve been up to…

Ended the spring tagging along on a couple of bike blessings. Would love to tell you more about this one but can’t remember the name of the church or very many details. I do recall it being on Cinco de Mayo which may account for the missing details. Will have to get back to you on that..

At one of the blessings I attended, some bikes tipped in a domino-type effect, directly after being blessed. I’m thinking that might not be a good sign…
Have been on a few runs…but I clearly need to take notes…this was a ride out of Framingham, ending at O’Connell’s Pub on Route 9…but I forget the charity. Damn. Recreation Department, maybe? Idk but it was fun…good band.

Okay, this one I remember…went to the HD Boston open house to help a friend pick out a new bike.

Soon after,  road tripped to meet some friends at Myrtle Beach bike week. F.U.N.


Spent the first night of the trip..actually 2nd night…in Virginia Beach. Found a pretty awesome biker bar called Boneshakers and met a pretty awesomely scary drunk homeless man there. Also met some bikers from my area of Massachusetts…seem to be Massholes everywhere I go. I can say that cuz I am a proud Masshole. You can’t.

Made it to Myrtle Beach in a record breaking three days…long story, but somehow a 16 hour ride turned into a 3 day tour. Best part of MB is the name of the bars. Beaver Bar.

Suck, Bang, Blow and even a Captain Poos. The bike rally was a blast; have some good info and pics to share with ya.

Didn’t see the sun once while I was in South Carolina…rain seemed to follow..didn’t let it put a damper on the trip.

Right after Myrtle Beach Rally, was Laconia Bike Week in New Hampshire. Made it up there for both weekends.
Went to my first Harley Rendezvous with a great group of people. I am no longer a Vous-gin. Surprisingly, I don’t have a lot of bike pics to share from that weekend. I do have a lot of boob and penis pics though, but I am holding for ransom.
 My new friends at the Rendezvous. Cah-razy, fun people.
A beautiful weekend in July was spent celebrating the marriage of two of my biker friends.

Every other Thursday over the summer, Patriot Place in Foxboro. Mass. has a car show sponsored by Mass Auto Cruisers. Been a few times so far this year, lots of bikes show up…

Several country concerts this summer…brings out lotsa rednecks. I say that with love. I wanna be a redneck when I grow up.

Doing the usual rounds of biker dive bars… my fave thing
Recently spent a weekend up in Maine…friend’s band played at Bentley’s Saloon.
Another weekend in Portsmouth, NH seeking out the local dives…
On the way home, stopped in Salisbury Beach…red-headed step child to Hampton Beach. I love it but perhaps because I am a middle child and we tend to settle.
First pre-season Patriots game…don’t ask me who they played. I go for the tailgating and beer drinking.
Just back from a night up in NH. Visited a few faves such as Broken Spoke, Boot Hill and Looney Bin.

Same night at Meadowbrook in Laconia we were VIP at an Eric Church show. What?? Yes. One of the best nights I’ve had in years. Again, a concert and not exactly relevant but shows ya the ramped up social life I’ve been having and thus, the reason why I haven’t been on computer. And…I like bikes and country boys and after all this IS my blog. I think I’m going to change the name to Let’s Ride Country Boys.

LOTS more to follow…stay tuned, bitches.


  1. From the looks of it, your 3-day tour to Myrtle Beach was certainly a blast! Seeing and meeting new people make riding the motorcycle a great time. And the best part is having someone to share the great experience of traveling on the road. I hope you enjoy more amazing trips on your bike in the future!

  2. An interesting read and some good pictures. I enjoyed the way you couldn’t remember where you had been and what you had been doing there! Your memory was ok towards the end of the blogpost though, keep up the good work sister – oh and by the way I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the boob shots!