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Main Street at Night – Daytona BikeWeek

So off to Daytona and I forget my camera…my laptop…my chargers.  All were sitting up in my office packed nice and neatly, waiting for me.  Realized this too far from home. Had to borrow my mom’s not so great Walmart camera. And I have lost my photographer, which blows…so keep in mind. Pics kinda suck. I need my photographer back, don’t you agree? I do.

First night, we were off to Main Street, and Iron Gate was our first stop.

Country girl, shake it for me, girl, shake it for me….(that’s Luke Bryan singing)
A friendly reminder from your lovely bartenders

 The girls at Froggy’s do whatever you want for tips, or so it seemed.
Main Street was hopping for a Tuesday night
Drank me lotsa ‘dis…ugh
From the sidelines…
 Soda lines really weren’t long 🙂
More sidelines…lost my driver too so this is what I do for now…watch from the sides
Graffiti everywhere…thought this was funny, tho I have no idea what it means

Bikers are a sensitive crowd…he brought his Eeyore.  No bother.

Animal! MahnaMahna….
 Lotsa food for hungry bikers…

She created quite a stir…

I will leave you with this photo…sorry for the quality. Dude on your back seat cruising down Main Street…yes or no??