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Iron Horse Saloon…THE Place to Be During Daytona Bike Week!

If you’ve been to Daytona, you have been to the Iron Horse Saloon, right? Located on Route 1 in Ormond with all the other temporary bars, it’s where all the action is.

So much to see and do. We saw Bad Company and also David Allan Coe, who I thought was great.  We talked to many people who said ‘he sucks, he’s an ass’.  The first person who said it, I thought…wow, relax dude, he’s just a singer…but when more than a handful of people (bartenders and locals) say he blows, chances are he does.  Something about cancelling all the time, scared of rain…I don’t know…but his music was good and he was there when he was supposed to be the night we were there. So….

They also have celebrity appearances…this year was Opie from Sons of Anarchy who I SO wanted to go see but my friends who waited four hours for me to see Tigs and Bobby in Boston said ‘No way.’  Buncha bitches. lol

I’m pretty sure there are plenty of places to eat inside…well I’m really not, but there must be.  We were there to get our drink on and there was plenty of that. Lots of souvenirs though and if you buy their mug you get an hour of free beer everyday from 4pm – 5pm.

They do wheely-spinny thingies in here…a/k/a the ‘burn-out’ pit. Didn’t get to see one. Sad face. 

I should probably know why the seat is on the tank, and why there are springs sticking out…but I don’t. Looks painful. I don’t get it.

Here you could throw an axe and imagine a special someone’s face on the board. Healing. 

When I went to Spring Break in Daytona…many moons ago…the sponsor was Bud Light and Trojans. Now it’s aspirins and antacids. My, how times have changed.

Packed lot
Night time was even more fun…cah-razy people here

View from balcony is a fave…get to watch the bikes comin’ and goin’

Two of the beautiful patrons 😉

Wall of death…
Rest of the evening was a bit of a blur so no pics but it sure was a good ole time. In fact, so much fun, we were almost kicked out of our relatives house for mis-behaving. Now that’s a good night…


  1. The seat that’s on the tank, is hinged (look at the bottom of it, you can see the hinge). He’s probably flipped it upside down to protect it from the sun, so that when he comes back out, he’s not sitting on ball-melting leather. 🙂

  2. Lol…I see that now. Ball-melting leather sounds messy 😉