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Game Time…

Let’s play ‘Where in the world is Michele now’?? Well, that’s what a lot of my friends have been asking about me so I suppose you may be wondering to? No? C’mon…you haven’t been laying awake at night wondering when I am going to post next? Excitedly clicking on my page hoping to see an update only to be disappointed to see the same post?

Well, you can’t be too disappointed, I posted the chick pics to keep ya coming back…and you’re still here…so my plan worked, and I thank you for that.

So, let’s play…

Where have I been, you ask? I have been out exploring, doing some ‘serious’ research for my blog…traveled 9 hours on a plane, 12 hours in a car, stayed in a dingy, cheap hotel room (for only one night, thank god), saw some presidents, rode the bike in a thunder and lightening storm, had a beer in the same spot where a gunman from the wild west was shot and killed, drove through the ‘eye’ of a needle, watched a reality TV show being filmed…hmmmm…that’s a lot of action for one area, isn’t it? Any guesses?

Here’s a hint….I was at a rally. Daytona? Myrtle Beach? Don’t see any palm trees. Can’t be the south, can it?

There were lots of casinos…Vegas? you ask. Getting warmer…head north.

While in this location, one of the famous bars had a crew there filming for its ‘reality’ television show…owner has a famous girlfriend who likes to sit on people’s heads.

It is not unusual to run in to a few of these guys while riding here…

Or these guys…but let’s hope you don’t actually ‘run’ into them, that would hurt…
 Alright if ya haven’t guessed yet, you’re not going to…throwin’ ya a bone…

Did you guess Sturgis? Of course you did! Where you there? If not, I have lots of pics and info to share with you over the next month.  Keep following and it’ll feel just like you were there with me.


  1. Please count me as officially jealous as hell!!
    I have never been to Sturgis, but it is on my bucket list. I must ride out ans I must be able to spend 3 weeks. 1 out, 1 back and one in between. My job and family won’t allow for that now! Hopefully my good health will let me do my fantasy visit!!

    I am happy you had a great time!

  2. Thanks, Danny! It was a great trip, though much too short. Hope you are able to make it there some day. 🙂