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Bike Shows

The Boots Were the Highlight of the Show…

Okay, not for me but the two guys I was with seemed to enjoy them, as did every other red-blooded male in attendance at KevMarv’s January bike expo in Boston.
Getting to the Seaport Convention Center was a bit of an adventure; as we pulled up to the building, we noticed guys in loafers and sweaters tied around their necks…hmmm, not your typical biker event, we thought. Not afraid to ask for directions, and before shelling out 20 bucks for parking, the old man asked a guard if we were in the right place. ‘Nope, this is the dentist convention’, he said. Ahh, makes sense. One more block and we knew we were in the right place – vests, leather, boots and facial hair littered the entrance.

Admission was $15 and as with all shows, coupons for $2 off are on various sites, including Kev-Marv’s homepage: I’ve noticed they have cancelled either one or two shows this year, not sure why.  Attendance has been heavy at both events I have gone to.

Valerie Cormier, Playboy model

Depending on the show, guys have their choice between TV star, Michelle Smith or Playboy Model, Valerie Cormier. Valerie was in attendance at this show, signing posters and posing for fans. She was very pretty and teeny-tiny; the men were happy with her chosen outfit, especially the boots. I was just happy to see the snickers bar next to her diet pepsi. My kind of gal…

 There were hundreds of vendors showcasing the latest in bikes, apparels and accessories.  Several vendors displayed custom paint jobs. Corso Cycles painted this 1997 RoadGlide, known as ‘White Thunder’.

We had an interesting conversation with Dinah Deville about all of her piercings. We were especially intrigued with her neck piercing…looked quite painful. In case you don’t know…we didn’t…it’s called a ‘nape’ piercing. Entertaining as well as educational.

Dinah Deville, Pin-up Model

Mom’s of Manchester, NH and Foxboro, Mass, brought along their Million Dollar Rolling Showroom, including this custom painted Victory.

All the action was found over at Perewitz’s trailer. They had a huge space with several bikes and were having a party. Looked like they were all having a blast.

Dave Perewitz

Perewitz ladies – girl on the left is his daughter, Jody, I believe. They were very friendly and were partyin’ it up. WooHoo!

Perewitz Ladies

‘Lucky T’ a 1928 Indian, is an original ‘Wall of Death’ bike owned by Roger Chinaud of Saints and Sinners tattoos in Wareham, Ma. Took first place in ‘Best in Show’.

Wall of Death

Motorcycle Monster was there…he is big…and yellow. Not to be confused with Big Bird though…much more ominous. But like Big Bird, he has a message. Signed a pic for my daughter telling her not to text while driving. Solid Advice.

Motorcycle Monster

After a fun day at the show, we decided to cruise around Boston for a bit and ended up at Santarpio’s.

Fanueil Hall Driveby
Located by the airport in East Boston, Santarpios is famous for its pizza. Established in 1903, it is a favorite of Rachel Ray and has been inducted in to the Boston Hall of Fame. The only other option on the menu, other than the pizza is BBQ skewers. But really, what more do you need? Cold beer? They have that too. Prices are extremely reasonable and food is ‘wicked awesome’.
Santarpios, Boston

“You know, I don’t think that they have enough meats on sticks. No, seriously, if you think about it, they have plenty of sweets, right? They have lollipops, they have fudgesicles, they have popsicles, but they don’t have any other meats on sticks.” – There’s Something About Mary….Well, Mary, you spoke and Santarpios listened…they have steak, lamb, and sausage, all on sticks, served with crusty bread and cherry peppers. Wicked pissah’.

Santarpios, Boston

We Boston…thanks for a great day!
Boston Skyline


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