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Bike Shows

F*CK Part II….

It apparently wasn’t as good as I thought! And reminiscing about it will only make me cry…you don’t want to see a grown woman cry, do you? :)
So…let’s move on to the first bike show of the season. Kev-Marv Productions is in its 16th year of hosting the Northeast Motorcycle Expo.
The first show was in Rhode Island on January 7/8.  Last weekend, they held a show in Hartford; this coming weekend (January 28/29) will be in Boston. Several members of the cast of Son’s of Anarchy will be appearing in Bean Town, so you know I will be there. Will get some good pics for ya.

Anyway,  I went to the Rhode Island show on a Saturday afternoon with a few girlfriends. Had a couple cocktails, listened to some music and met some nice people. The star of the Rhode Island show was Jody Perewitz ‘The Fastest Woman on Wheels.”

Jody is one bad-ass chick that recently became the first woman ever to go over 200 mph on an American V-Twin at the Bonneville Salt Flats. I just did a snow angel in the Salt Flats…not the same thing but still cool? Salty.
Her bike and set-up is pretty rad. Sucky pic…sorry. New camera and I’ve lost my photographer…gotta practice. 

Of course there were plenty of bikes…
And Vendors

And a few charitable organizations. This ride looks like it would be a good one…Mothers for Daughters is a non-profit riding to help find a cure for breast and ovarian cancer. It is a weekend event held each year in Vermont and has raised several of thousands of dollars for research.
Old school bikes are always a fave…
Biker Mani-Pedis??
Along with the bikes and vendors was a moto-cross stunt show. It was pretty cool but I preferred the glass-eating circus freaks and the midget wrestling that they had last year.
And it’s not a bike show without the beautiful Dinah Deville…is it? She is normally at all the New England Boston Biker booths and is really quite friendly. Stop by and say hello!
It’s a small show, but there is plenty to see and do. Nice way to spend a winter afternoon.

I’m really looking forward to the Boston show this weekend…will keep you posted!


  1. KevMar don’t come down our way anymore!! They did for 2 or 3 years, I thought they did well, then they stopped! Glad you had a good time!

  2. Hey Danny! I think they save all the money for the Boston show, and pare back on everything else. Boston show was pretty rad…have some good pics to share :)

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