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Great Bah For Beeahs in Maine

Okay, I’m from New England so I can make fun of the accent, can’t I? Spent the past weekend in Maine and have often heard about Bentley’s but was not able to visit until this trip. Wow, we have been missing out!

Located in Arundel, Maine, Bentley’s Saloon is located on Route 1 and is a quick drive from the Wells/Kennebunk area. Also attached to the saloon is a motel and a campground.

As you can see from the picture below, there is a large, paved praking lot with plenty of room for bikes. We arrived on a sunny Saturday afternoon to a pretty large crowd, live band and a pig roast. The band was great, playing old rock n’ which seems to be obsolete these days.

There is a separate grill area offering items such as hamburgers, sausages, and steak and cheese. I went with a hamburger which was grilled perfectly. For $8.00, you can two choose two sides from several options: pasta salad, baked beans, potato chips, cold slaw and macaroni salad. For $2.00 less, you can get the sandwich only. My husband went with the hotdog meal – for $6.00 he received two hotdogs and two sides. Food is VERY reasonably priced and is equally as good.

The day of our visit, Bentley’s was smoking a pig. I am not sure how often they do it but assume it must be somewhat frequently since they have two smokers on site.

Our friends got the pulled pork plate which was under $10.00 and a huge portion. It smelled delicious and looked yummy, just not my thing. Feel bad for these little guys. But, friends enjoyed it.

Bentley’s Saloon has a full-liquor bar offering several drink specials. We stuck with cold, bottled beer of which they had several in stock. Price for 2 was $5.50, pretty reasonable. Our friends stuck with Summer Ale on tap and said it was cold and fresh.

There is a ton of room inside and out for the large crowds that gather here. There is a separate area for a band and a dance floor, a bar in the front of the building and lots of space outside with picnic tables and umbrellas.

I do not know much anything about the accommodations, looks like your basic motel. And the campground, well, it is a campground. Both are located right next to bar and only a minute walk for food and entertainment.

Fair warning: Signs posted all over indicating cops in Maine can pull you over to see your registration – in other words, no justifiable cause needed.

Although a quick visit for lunch and a couple of beers, we really enjoyed ourselves and highly recommend this place to bikers.