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Boneyard BBQ is Finger Lickin’ Good!

Boneyard BBQ is located directly on Route 152, in Seekonk, Massachusetts.  The owners of Boneyard have combined their love of food and motorcycles and made a perfect destination for bikers and bbq lovers.

We happened upon the Boneyard on our way home from Colt State park. Driving down route 152, we noticed the flames on the front of the building and screeched the bike to a grinding halt…laid tracks…is that the term?  Okay, we didn’t actually ‘lay tracks’, we continued past until we could safely turn around and then slowly drove back. Gauging from the painted skulls and orange and yellow flames, we knew this was going to be our kind of place.

As you can see from the pics, the outside is decorated in HOG colors with flames painted all around. There are several paved bike spots out front and a large paved lot behind the building.  The entryway is filled with posters of upcoming rides and information that is of interest to bikers.

We entered to a somewhat empty place, a little disappointing but it was a Sunday afternoon of a long weekend…think most businesses are slow on long weekends. As is the outside, the decor inside is geared towards bikers and motor enthusiasts in general, with skulls, license plates, old signs, and Nascar memorabilia. 

We were greeted at the bar by a very friendly bartender and were quickly served two ice-cold beers. Slowly a few families arrived for dinner and some bikers started to appear and the joint began to liven up a bit…as much as any place can on a Sunday afternoon.  A Nascar race was on the HUGE flat screen television and rock and roll was playing in the background. It had a nice vibe.

Since we had dinner plans, we did not plan to eat but the bartender convinced us to give the wings a try…I think they have won some awards…don’t quote me on that…but there are a ton of sauces to choose from as well as several heat levels. All flavors are available in wings or tenders. I am the type of gal who prefers a fork and knife…so went with the tenders and chose the ‘Black and Gold’ sauce.  It was really good, little bit of sweet…little bit of heat.

Hubby, well, he is a straight up carnivore and doesn’t mind eating with his hands or gnawing the meat right off the bone. In fact, he considers himself a wings connoisseur..he has spent a lot of time in Hooters locations across the country and has had his share of wings.  Anyway, his came with a generous portion of bleu cheese and were liberally coated in sauce.  Lotsa finger lickin’ with these wings. He gave them two saucy thumbs-up.

We only sampled a couple so asked for a take-out container. We often can’t get leftovers to go because boxes are always too big for the saddlebags.  Well, we were very excited when the bartender brought out a tall, plastic cylinder-type container with a lid. It’s the the little things in life, people…

On our way out, a shiny new Harley was parked next to us….loved the color – a deep, chocolate brown. Looked so good, I wanted to lick it!  Don’t worry, I kept my tongue in my mouth…will save the licking for our next visit to the Boneyard BBQ when I try the hot and spicy Dragon’s-Breath tenders.

From the website, it looks like they have different specials each night, including a 30 cent wing night and 2-for-1 starter nights. We hope to get back soon on a Wednesday night when live entertainment is offered and spend a bit more time, have a few more drinks, and eat some more food. Can’t wait!

Contact Info:
Boneyard BBQ
549 Central Ave, Route 152
Seekonk, Massachusetts