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Fall in New England = Fair Time!


Almost done!


Contest Winner!

Fall in New England, is there anything better? I think not.  I love everything about it. Cooler weather, vibrant leaves, crisp apples, fat pumpkins, Halloween…ahhhhh, I LOVE IT ALL.

This year we decided to go to the Topsfield Fair in Massachusetts, which is the oldest agricultural fair in the States. It runs for two weeks at the beginning of each October. Admission is a bit pricey on the weekends, 15 bucks a head but I heard that tickets can be purchased in advance of the show for $9, which is quite a deal, along with free parking.

Traffic to get in to the fair is ridiculous, or at least it was on the cold Sunday that we went.  We arrived early so the line to the lot wasn’t too bad, but on the way out…line was miles long. I’d have banged a u-ie and found something else to do. But that’s just me.


Great referrals!

For those who enjoy an alcoholic bevvy while walking around at fairs, be forewarned, this one doesn’t offer anything of the sorts. Apparently, Topsfield is a dry town. The horror. So we went for option number two and moved on to the food. I’m sorry to say, we weren’t really impressed. It was all typical fair food, fried dough, kettlecorn, pizza…just nothing that really stood out. And my total lack of fair food pics is a true testament to how disappointed I was. Although, when we made it all the way through, there were some unique trucks, one with seafood that according to Batman was pretty ‘amazing’.  Wish we had waited, but maybe next year.


Big, strong horseys

We love, love, loved all the animals: gorgeous horses, fluffy sheep, lazy cows. There were bunnies hopping everywhere, queen bees on display and lots of chickens, goats, and guinea pigs.


I’ll save you, lil bunny!

Every time I go to a fair, I have to stop myself from buying a rabbit. I had two when I was a kid and the cage mysteriously opened on its own and both bunnies were gone. To this day, my mom denies letting them out but my dad, with his twisted sense of humor, told us that his brother and he made bunny soup. I’d love to say he was lying but my mom, thirty-five years later, still avoids the topic when it comes up. So you understand my overwhelming urge to save every bunny from evil twin brothers.


I’ll save you too!

These cows here were the reason I decided to try vegetarianism, which lasted until I went to my favorite hamburger place. Why do you have to be so tasty, cows? And pigs? I really want to support your cause, but who doesn’t love a cheeseburger with bacon on it.  I am going to try again though…soon, I promise.

fair12This guy over here, thinks he is Spuds McKenzie. Remember him? Neither did my 23 year old daughter and friends. They thought I was talking nonsense. Who? What? No, never heard of him, you’re crazy. Someone out there must remember. I’m not THAT old, or am I?

After walking through all of the exhibits, which were many, we circled the place one last time, played a few games and had some food an high-tailed it to the nearest winery, which wasn’t exactly fair3nearby, it was more like an hour away, but down Route 2, the Mohawk Trail, which is a must-do in the fall. Beautiful roads and fall foliage.

We spent the remainder of the day drinking wine and eating cheese and crackers in a vineyard/apple orchard with a million others who wanted to do the same. But ohhh, so worth it!

Spectacular way to spend a day in New England.